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Residential & Commercial
Aerial Images & Mapping

Guest House Okanagan Real Estate

Residential Photography

Our flying cameras can capture pretty amazing scenes with ultra  high resolution images and a 10bit colour profile.  We get the angles to view your property properly.

Check out the Home Owner's Special

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Commercial Real Estate

Capturing the surrounding environment and how the property is situated can only be done from the air.  Check out property lines, use for architectural renderings and marketing mockups.

360˚ Panoramic images and video clips for AR/VR walk-throughs bring the project to life. We have a package designed for designers.


Development Projects

Get the lay of land with orthomosaics, 3D models (Digital Twin), Elevation models and contouring.  Photogrammetry can assist with measurements and data for site inspection.  Share site progress with team members and stakeholders.

Development Project Packages are available for projects of all sizes.


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Real Estate & Development
Package Pricing


Home Owner's Special

 High Res. Photography

 in RAW and .jpg

Starting at


Customer Directed

Perfect for property assessment

Views of your home and land

MLS listing

Need to look for a roof or irrigation water leak?

Thermal  FLIR



Marketing & Design Team Package

Site photos include:

 + (9)  Cardinal  Point POIs x 2 elev.

+ (1) nadir 

+ (5) Client directed for renderings

+ (2) 360˚ Panoramas 

(one 360˚= 27 .dng photos +  1 composite jpg image)

Additional 360˚s = $85 ea.

+ (3-5) 20sec. Unedited video clips 


Substitute or add more shots.

Edited 1min video w/ sndtrx 

starting at  $349

Video Editing &  Photo Enhancing Available


Development Project Package

+ Orthomosaic

+ Digital surface model 

+ 3D point cloud digital twin

+ POI photos

$849*  < 5 acres

Larger properties - ask for quote.

Geo Referenced to cm level

(80-100 acres = approx. $3800)

Subsequent visits (min.3 mos.)

Weekly -25%, 

Bi-monthly -15%


Is there a shot or service that you would like added to your package? Just let us know and we'll include it in your quote.

Choose from: 

+ client directed shots

+ cardinal points at different altitudes

+ bird's eye (nadir)

+ topographical

+ 360˚ panoramas

+ hyper lapse video (moving time lapse)

+ sunset shots

+ 3D model (Digital Twin)

+ thermal scan

+ creative concepts

+ video editing 

+ photo editing

We can also work in collaboration with your terra-photographer and design team to get the images to elevate your project to the next level.  We work directly with you to get the images that you have in mind.  Ask  for a customized quote, as every client has different needs and requirements.  

Also included  is password accessed private page hosting as a service to our customers to be able to easily access their images to view, download and share for a month.  Both .dng(raw) and .jpg files are provided by file transfer. 

Our Satisfaction Guarantee - If you're not happy with the results - the follow-up shoot is on us.  We are confident you will say "WOW!!" the first time.


Aerial Images Help Sell.

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