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Precision Agriculture

Multispectral and Thermal imagery can be helpful to Ag professionals by providing information that is invisible to the human eye. This data can then be processed and acted on by the most advanced drone tech. 


Mapping. Detection. Identification.

Targeted Aerial Application.


Having access to this data and the obtained Vegetation Index data such as NDRE , NDVI, VARI and more, agriculturalists and field managers can make informed decisions on crop treatment early which in turn lowers costs, saves resources, and maximizes yields.  

Imaging Your Farm, Orchard or Vineyard

When it comes to remote sensing, we can use multispectral cameras to detect the spectral signatures of different crops and plants, even identifying weeds and other unwanted plants based on these differences. The spectral signature of each individual plant can change depending on many things, including but not limited to the current stage of its growth cycle, the level of water stress it’s experiencing, or whether it’s suffering a nutrient deficiency.  While the colour change might be noticeable, nuanced changes in NIR reflections are invisible to the human eye and can happen before visible colour changes in the plants. This is where multispectral sensors come in handy.

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Mavic 3 Multisprectral_AgriDrones .png
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Capture Data

Using Multispectral, RBG, and Thermal Cameras

Analyze Data

By applying plant specific metrics and parameters we can detect crop health

Act on Data

Implement targeted treatments on areas that need attention.

The value of informed planning and actionable data-driven decision making cannot be overstated.

Introducing 3D Mapping and Modeling for growers. Get in touch to see how photogrammetry can benefit farm management teams.


The future of agriculture is precision.  Good for Growers. Good for the Planet.

Visit AgriDrones Canada  for more information on the innovations in agriculture.

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