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Drones Roofing

"Why put good people up on a bad roof?"  

See the

When it comes to roof inspection, drones have the vertical advantage.

High resolution cameras and FLIR Thermal sensors document the visible and gather insight from the invisible. 

More Advanced reports using AI are available.  

Contact for  a sample report and  a detailed quote specific to your requirements. 


Photogrammetry measurement reports for roofing material estimates and reference INCLUDE 3D Mesh Model of building which is viewable on your desktop.

*You Are Here Aerial Images uses drone technology and photogrammetry software to help home owners, roofing companies, inspectors and adjusters to get the data they need to make informed decisions - quickly accurately, and most of all - safely. 

Standard Visual Inspections including FLIR thermal start at $185.  Photogrammetry measurements and detailed A.I. reports are extra.   

Give us a call to get the data you need to help in your decision process.

Thermal Inspection

Water Leak detection

Heat / Cooling Loss detection

Bird's eye view of damage or issues

Pinpoint spots for roofing specialists to investigate


3D Mesh Model

View buildings and rooftops as never before.  Zoom In, rotate, check from different angles. In depth inspections and measuring from your desktop.


for Estimating

Powerful software analyzes the hundreds of photographs taken to make an orthomosaic and a 3D model mesh to measure all aspects of a roof

RoofMeasurements copy_edited.jpg


For commercial roofers, while we're up there we can capture cinematic shots to include on social media and your company website.

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