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Airborne FLIR Thermal Infrared

See the Invisible.

Helping with...

  • Moisture/Water Leak Detection 

  • Soil and Plant Monitoring

  • Livestock Management

  • Solar Array Inspections

  • Fire Fighting Assistance 

Commercial Roofing

Airborne Infrared Thermal Imaging can see the full picture and pinpoint specific areas of interest. With this data, we know exactly where to inspect  on the roof.  By quickly pinpointing problem areas It's not only safer, but saves time and money on inspections. The ability to evaluate patterns from overview images is only made possible with FLIR UAS technology. 

Utility Inspection

Thermal imaging is already in use to diagnose utility problems. Putting thermal in the air adds a new dimension to the inspection. Flying with FLIR 640  lets us safely inspect from the ground. Keeping crew out of harm's way.  Regularly scheduled Aerial Inspections will also help you catch potential problems before they become issues, keeping you ahead of the game and on budget.

Wildlife Management

Keeping an eye on livestock has never been easier.  No matter the time of day or night or amount of smoke in the air. Infrared eyes in the sky can help when time is of the essence.    We can help spot predators or escaped animals. 


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